Private museum in Hammesdamm near Lastrup


Gerd Böhmann in Hammesdamm is a special kind of Amazone fan. Originally a farmer and contractor, he is fully equipped with the Amazone product range and uses it for his customers. At some point, he also started to collect historical Amazone machines if he did not already have them in his possession. Together with his friends and neighbours, he set up the museum in his barn more than 10 years ago and now welcomes groups from far and wide.

Gerd Böhmann (front row, 2nd from left) together with friends and neighbours

He also carries out contract work in the surrounding area with his current range of machinery, including an ED precision seeder and an extremely sophisticated sowing combination. He even uses an Amazone Cayron plough, as he says, "to the great satisfaction of the customers".

We are delighted by the great enthusiasm of Gerd Böhmann and wish him many more successful assignments with his Amazones.