K & H Landmaschinenhandel Köppen + Helmig GmbH

The K & H team with managing directors Peter Köppen and Ulrich Helmig

K & H Landmaschinenhandel Köppen + Helmig GmbH in Jacobsdorf, one of the largest dealers in Brandenburg, was founded shortly after German reunification. It is very conveniently located directly on the A12 autobahn between Frankfurt/Oder and Berlin and offers a 1250 m2 building, including an exhibition and storage facility.

There are 30 employees in the meantime, and Amazone machinery is sold there, perfectly supplemented by the products from Claas. In particular, K & H offers good service and customer support with a strong and highly motivated team.

AMAZONEN-WERKE would like to offer its thanks for the excellent business relationship and wish this dynamic company all the best for the future.