Hoeing machinery from Schmotzer

Schmotzer 186847 - 6
The hoeing machinery from Schmotzer - dynamic - competent

The range of machines for modern crop establishment at Amazone was already pretty complete. The only thing missing was mechanical weed control equipment.

We have closed this gap in the meantime through the takeover of the Schmotzer hoeing business on 1st January. Mechanical weed control for row crops not only saves on plant protection agents but also has the great advantage that soil loosening reduces water evaporation.

Schmotzer has the most experience in this sector, an exceptional reputation and manufactures equipment up to a working width of 12

Schmotzer 186876 - 6

metres. Hydraulic cylinders controlled by a camera ensure exact guidance in the rows, preventing any damage to crops during hoeing.

The acquisition of the Schmotzer hoeing business means that Amazone now has a crucial building block for the future in its product portfolio.