The agitator – soft-handling and gentle


The basic function of the agitator is to convey the fertiliser flow actively towards the outlet aperture so that a constant rate of fertiliser can be applied. Fertiliser lumps, which manage to pass the sieve, are, especially at low application rates, actively broken up via the star agitator which runs in the hopper bottom. If foreign objects reach the hopper tip and the agitator is subject to an overload, the relevant electric motor automatically reverses in combination with the relevant shutter slide and remedies the disturbance autonomously. The perfect teamwork of agitator and shutter slides becomes obvious on headlands or when spreading in wedges. As soon as one metering aperture is completely closed, the agitator above stops automatically. In this way the valuable fertiliser is protected from being ground up. The benefits of electric agitation • two slow-running, fertiliser saving agitators; turning at just 60 rpm • which switch off automatically as soon as the shutter slide is closed, also just to the one side and independently of each other • that reverse automatically when blocked by a foreign object • active delivery of the fertiliser flow to the outlet aperture

Image film AMAZONE 1883