Super-S1 boom - 15 – 18 – 21 metres


The highly-successful, vertically folding Super-S2 boom, in working widths from 15 to 30 m, is now supplemented by the new, more cost-effective Super-S1 boom. The new Super-S1 boom is available in working widths of 15 m, 18 m and 21 m. The new boom section layout results in less hinge points allowing for a quicker folding process. Of course the usual robust profile design is maintained on these variants as well. Despite the individual sections of the Super-S1 boom being 50 cm longer in comparison to the usual Super-S2 boom, the transport height still is below 4 m. The compact transport width of 2.4 m is also maintained. Due to the new layout of the boom sections, the machine’s centre of gravity is closer to the tractor, allowing the use of smaller crop husbandry tractors. The Super-S1 boom in working widths of 18 and 21 m can be reduced to 15 m just by folding in the outer boom segment, thus providing more flexibility for farm overlapping applications and in regions with small fields.  

Image film AMAZONE 1883