Super-L2 boom


On the Pantera self-propelled sprayer the Super-L2 boom proves its extraordinary qualities. Thanks to the special AMAZONE profile design, it is not only light and extremely sturdy but also very compact. Even with the maximum boom width of 40 m the transport width is still only 2.55 m. In the transport position the booms are located behind the cab. That means: No obstruction of the driver’s view and no dripping liquid within reach of the cab. Premium boom quality ensures a long service life even when working at very high work rates. Your benefits: + Tried and tested modular system of the Super-L2 boom ranging from 24 m to 40 m, extremely sturdy and durable + Wide height adjustment range of 0.50 m to 2.50 m + Central pendulum adjustment and hydraulic tilt adjustment of the boom provide smooth boom travel even at high speeds + Standard: Profi-fold 1 - independent, one sided folding that is flexible in all working widths + Option: tip angling (Profi-fold 2) + Option: DistanceControl for automatic boom ride height  

Image film AMAZONE 1883