Profis weighing technology – Who weighs wins!


No calibration: enter the spread rate and drive off! There is nothing simpler. The weighing system provides controlled convenience and more safety enabling an on-line determination of the different spreading material properties with two 200 Hz weigh cells – with high measuring accuracy. It automatically compares the actually applied rate with the pre-determined rate. Deviations in the flow characteristics, for example when spreading blended mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader is re-adjusted automatically via the electric metering shutter slides. In addition, for field-related nutrient application, for example, the applied rate is precisely documented. For a well-balanced nutrient supply, the application rate can be changed via the ISOBUS terminal at the touch of a button. (1) weighing frame (2) horizontally aligned tie rods (3) weigh cells

Image film AMAZONE 1883

AMAZONEN-WERKE are specialists in fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive (disc cultivators and harrows) soil tillage, precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers. AMAZONE has also been offering high-performance equipment for park and lawn maintenance and winter road gritting for many years. You will find out everything else here in the image film!