Profihopper 1250 iDrive SmartLine


• 1.25 m working width • Hopper volume 730 l (equals 1,000 l of cuttings • Front wheel drive with 0-turning circle steering For the operation under normal ground conditions, the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine is recommended. The front wheel drive is provided out via two hydraulic motors. The only difference between the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine and the Pofihopper 4WDi SmartLine is the drive system. All the other components are the same. So the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine is equipped as well with the SmartCut high quality mower and convinces by its compact design, efficiency and quality of work. The intuitive steering via the steering wheel with 0-turning circle are also standard on the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine.

Image film AMAZONE 1883