Profihopper 1250 4WDi SmartLine


• 1.25 m working width • Hopper volume 730 l (equals 1,000 l of cuttings) • All-wheel drive with 0-turning circle steering 4WDi technology With the Profihopper 4WDi SmartLine, each wheel is driven at the necessary speed of revolution determined by the accelerator pedal position and the steering angle so that the machine does not require any differential locks. The actual speed of the front wheels is controlled in relation to the position of the rear steered wheels so that the vehicle can turn around with one front wheel on the spot (0-turning circle). The rear wheels are connected in series with the front wheels. In this way the front wheels – via the hydraulic system – can be assisted if necessary, by the rear wheels in case of slip, if conditions are wet or when on slopes. This achieves the optimum utilisation of the engine’s performance under all operational conditions and helps the environment with reduced fuel consumption. Thus all-wheel drive if necessary! The system functions both when going forwards or backwards. For all applications Because of this, the Profihopper offers a significant number of benefits in practical operation: for example, when mowing around obstacles or turning, less manoeuvring is required. Also, when working under difficult operational conditions – for example, when slipping on wet ground or when working on sloping terrain – the operator especially benefits from the intelligent four-wheel drive. The danger of slippage is minimised because every wheel is driven at all times at the optimum speed. This results in greater safety and improved operational performance, for example less wheel marks on lawns. The increased manoeuvrability under any operational conditions, especially on slopes, allows the more efficient operation.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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