Plough adjustment


The very comfortable adjustment of the plough enables consistently excellent working results. In addition, a plough which has been optimally adjusted reduces the fuel consumption as well as the wear. Setting the Hektor is carried out comfortably and clearly in three steps. 1) The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment changes the working width of the first plough body directly and responsively and matches it to the inner track dimension of the tractor. This ensures the clean matching to the next bout and is especially useful when in changing soil types and on different tractors. - Very useful when frequently changing tractors or when working on sloping terrain - Exceptionally clean furrow 2) The setting of the plough tilt is done without tools and is adjustable individually for the right and left hand side. 3) The working depth is set steplessly and without tools via the support wheel.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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