Increased yield on the border thanks to AutoTS and ClickTS


The AutoTS border spreading system provides the user with a very reliably steep border spread pattern and thus optimum growing conditions near to the field edge. Compared to other border spreading systems, a significant increase in yield is possible. The AutoTS spreading system makes use of an automated rate reduction when boundary spreading with the spread rate setting in freely-selectable percentage steps. As the two spreading discs can be operated independently from one another, the change to one or both sides can be adjusted. 1) AutoTS border spreading system (green line) Due to the shorter spreading vane, the fertiliser is limited in its spreading width. Conventional border spreading systems (red line) The mechanical deflection of the fertiliser causes damage to the granules which then drop next to the tramline. 2) AutoTS border spreading system (green line) The fertiliser is undamaged and optimally distributed right up to the field border. Conventional border spreading systems (red line) This amount of damaged fertiliser is then missing from the border area resulting in under-fertilisation. 3) AutoTS border spreading system (green line) Due to the reduced throwing speed of the fertiliser, only a few granules fall beyond the field edge. Conventional border spreading systems (red line) Not all the fertiliser granules are mechanically deflected so that some are clearly spread beyond the field’s border

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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