Flex-fold system


With the new Flex-fold 1 and Flex-fold 2, AMAZONE offers two new electro-hydraulic boom folding options. Booms equipped with Flex-fold have a potentiometer on every folding point connected to an electro-hydraulic control block which is directly actuated via the machine software. This results in significantly quicker folding times. As soon as the first boom section is folded in or out by approximately 70 %, the folding of the next section is actuated electrically automatically. As standard, all the electro-hydraulic control blocks on the boom feature an overload safety and thus an obstacle buffer protection when working at a reduced working width.  

Flex-fold 1
In addition to the benefits already outlined, Flex-fold 1 provides the following extra functions:

Flex-fold 2
​​​​​​​In addition to the features of Flex-fold 1, on booms equipped with Flex-fold 2, both boom tips can be actuated individually.

Image film AMAZONE 1883