DistanceControl with 2 sensors or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors

DistanceControl (3) DistanceControl_4_Sensoren_20170106_CMS

As an option for the Super-S boom, AMAZONE offers, either DistanceControl fully automated boom height control with two sensors or DistanceControl plus with four sensors. In heavily differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it could be that the boom, when equipped with 2 sensors, dips into the crop. In this case equipping the boom with four sensors will prevent this. The sensors are electrically connected in parallel and so it is always the sensor that is closest to the target surface that is actuated.

The driver is able to concentrate on correctly applying the plant protection agent, whilst the computer optimises the boom guidance!

Benefits of the DistanceControl boom guidance:

DistanceControl (1) Distance_Control_1
DistanceControl when equipped with two sensors: measuring to the crop
DistanceControl (2) Distance_Control_2
DistanceControl when equipped with two sensors: The boom can dip into the crop, for example, where there is lodged corn

  1. Ultra-sound sensors
  2. Angle sensors

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