DistanceControl/DistanceControl plus: with 2 or with 4 sensors


The fully automatic DistanceControl boom guidance can be equipped with 2 sensors or, when specified in the version DistanceControl plus, with 4 sensors. In most cases, with the aid of DistanceControl, the boom follows the target surface at an optimum height and angle so that the correct distance between the nozzle and the target surface is maintained. Under particularly difficult conditions, however, two sensors are not sufficient as, especially in heavily differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it can happen that the boom dips into the crop. In this case the optional DistanceControl plus with its four sensors will help prevent this. The four sensors are connected electrically in parallel and it is always the sensor that is closest to the target surface that is actuated. In this way the optimum boom guidance across the surface of the crop, even under the most difficult of conditions, is ensured.

Image film AMAZONE 1883