Application results from the 2018 season in Russia

Einsatzergebnisse aus der Saison 2018 in Russland (1) mit_und_ohne_AHL_d1_190819

We applied AHL liquid fertiliser when sowing rape, malting barley, peas and soya beans. The seed drill in combination consisted of the Primera DMC 9000 linked to an FDC 6000 Fertiliser Delivery Cart. The application rates were in the order of 60 l/ha, so that an area of 100 ha was able to be covered. The tractor in the combination developed 320 HP. The driving speed was between 13 and 15 km/h.

The plant development with the support of AHL liquid fertiliser was clearly better than in the applications without AHL. The bright green colour of the plant is an indicator of good nutrient supply. The plant with AHL fertilisation shows much more advanced plant growth.

• left with AHL fertilisation
• right without AHL fertilisation 

Image film AMAZONE 1883