AmaTron 3 operator terminal


Machine overlapping operation: On the Avant, the AmaTron 3 operator terminal looks after the control of all important functions. This includes the operational functions as well as the basic machine set-up and adjustment, such as for instance, calibration. AmaTron 3 is a machine overlapping operator terminal for seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, ensuring optimum rate control and comfortable operation. The electric metering drive of the AD-P and the Avant allows simple calibration routines and the individual changes of seed rate. The comprehensive electro-hydraulic control via AmaTron 3 makes for simple control and the easy implementation of any machine adjustments. The operator terminal controls the drill as well as monitoring the tramline functions. This also includes a sensible obstacle solution for the track markers. With the new Task Controller, jobs can be conveniently prepared on the farm PC and then, via a USB Stick, transferred to the terminal where they are processed. AmaTron 3 and the Avant enable the fields to be drilled part-area specifically via Shape files. The forward speed of the unit is determined by a radar-generated signal.

Image film AMAZONE 1883