AmaDos+ | Fertilising Technology

For the ZA-M with mechanical spreading disc drive there is the Control package with AmaDos+ for electronic control of the spread rate, independent of the forward speed.

Benefits from AmsDos+:

  • The preselected spread rate always remains the same whatever the optimum working speed selected. This is particularly beneficial with tractors with a variable transmission
  • Quantity changes can be made variably to both sides or just one side with this modern operator control terminal in order to save money and protect the environment
  • Robust actuator motors on the rate shutters adjust the spread rate
  • The hydraulic shutters of the double shutter control system are operated independently of the electronic rate shutter. This is quicker, and protects the electronic actuator motors
  • All electronic components are protected from water ingress and corrosion
  • The speed is recorded using sensor systems or the tractor signal socket
  • Simple calibration program with independent rate setting determination
  • Robust sensor equipment for function monitoring, e.g. of the shutter position
  • Can be extended to other applications, e.g. as a hectare counter during manure spreading, cultivation or mowing with a separate working position sensor
  • Serial interface available for documentation and the connection of N-sensors and GPS-terminal supplied application maps for site-specific fertilisation
  • Job memory for up to 20 field records

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