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Pressurised tank

The Condor trailed seed drill features a modern pressurised tank with an 8000 l hopper capacity. Thanks to two large sections (2/3 seed + 1/3 fertiliser) the fill times are reduced to a minimum. The familiar Vario gearbox allows application rates of 2 to 400 kg/ha of seed and is therefore suitable for all practical applications. The fertiliser is inserted into the sowing slit with the seed. In this way, it is possible to apply an appropriate initial dosage (when sowing winter corn) or full optimum fertilisation (when cultivating spring crops in continental conditions) directly into the ground without losses.

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Perfect ground adaptation

The flexible connection between the frame sections and the coulter is achieved via the proven rubber spring elements. So, soil undulations (and a maintained sowing depth) of up to 65 cm can be compensated for. The ConTeC pro coulter achieves this perfect ground adaptation through ist simple yet ingenious construction without the Need for the usual hydraulic cylinder on every coulter. That reduces the incidence of failure and, of course, not least, the price. The coulter pressure can be adapted to the conditions hydraulically by turning the frame sections. In extreme conditions, a pressure of up to 120 kg can be set per coulter.  The distance of 25 cm between the coulters in a three-stagger layout and the Frame height of 80 cm ensure work continues without chance of blockage, even if there are large quantities of straw or if  the straw is not particularly evenly distributed. The new air diffuser on the coulter provides a constant air stream in the delivery pipe from metering up to the coulter. Flexibility with regard to the choice of blower fan speed increases.

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On-board hydraulics

One high-capacity clip-on pump is driven via the gearbox output of the tractor and provides the necessary hydraulic pressure for a tractor independent circuit on the seed drill. The control valves for the regulation of the coulter pressure and for raising the main frame on the headland are operated from the driver’s seat. These are the mostly used functions and are combined with the tractor own circuit. In most cases, the control valve for folding the wings is only used when starting and finishing work. Therefore this is implemented, in the same way as the on/off control of the blower fan via a separate control block on the seed drill. As only two hydraulic sections are directly connected to the tractor’s circuit, the danger of pollution due to dirty hydraulic oil is clearly reduced.

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Condor with on-board hydraulics for Kirovez tractors

Now the Condor can not only be operated with modern tractors but also with tractors from Kivorez! For many decades on farms in the CIS states the “Yellow Giants” are the standard tractors for multiple operations on the farm and in the field. Now AMAZONE offers the possibility to operate ultra-modern sowing technology with the available powerful and robust tractors. Trials habe shown an actual fuel consumption with a K700A in operation with a 12 m Condorn of 4 l/h, this is just 1 l/ha more than with a modern imported tractor. So the financial pressure to have to purchase a new tractor for the new sowing technology is done away with. In addition, the combination of this Russian tractor with the Condor operates high efficiently in the field during the sowing operation.

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The concept - for extensive arable farming systems

The AMAZONE Condor is the ideal machine for operation in arable farming systems where there has been a minimum of prior soil tillage and in direct sowing. Especially in large arable areas, where time and soil moisture are the limiting factors, the Condor stands for high work rates, precision and water conservation. The low pulling power requirement in relation to its working width just helps significantly in reducing the financial costs in these most extensive arable farming systems. The machine concept of the Condor has been developed to meet the demand for further reductions in sowing intensity in the wider working widths of more than 9 m, with a wide row spacing and minimally invasive seed placement. The seed drill is offered in working widths of 12 and 15 m. With the exceptional folding concept, it is also possible for the Condor, from its working width of 15 m, to fold in to a remarkable transport width of only 3 m. 

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Long life components

The high-capacity oil cooler prevents any overheating of the oil circuit. At the same time the blower fan of the seed drill sucks air for the delivery route through the fins on the cooler. The heated air effectively prevents the sticking of seed and fertiliser at high application rates. This is of great advantage in moist weather and high air humidity.

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Image film AMAZONE 1883

AMAZONEN-WERKE are specialists in fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive (disc cultivators and harrows) soil tillage, precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers. AMAZONE has also been offering high-performance equipment for park and lawn maintenance and winter road gritting for many years. You will find out everything else here in the image film!