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From choice, the Cirrus can be equipped with a Crushboard in front or behind the disc segment. If it is undulations that require levelling or hard clods that have to be broken, the Crushboard is in the right position in front of the discs. Under very light conditions the Crushboard, positioned behind the discs, can, in addition, help settle the earth flow. The reconsolidation will be even more uniform. For the Cirrus with Crushboard, the front tyre packer can also be specified.

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Twin-row compact disc harrow

The twin-row compact disc harrow loosens, crumbles and levels the seedbed prior to sowing. In this way two operating passes can be combined. For conservation farming, additionally any surface straw is again distributed and incorporated. Plentiful clearance, even at high forward speeds, identifies the twin-row compact disc harrow element. No blockage from straw or crop residues. The increased angle of attack of the discs ensures an especially intensive mixing. The working depth of the disc section can be individually matched whilst driving. The setting possibilities of the outer discs via a series of holes ensures a neat transition between passes. The large distance between the second disc row and the Matrix tyres provides an easy pull and smooth running as the soil flow in front of the Matrix tyres has already settled.

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Rough serrations or fine serrated – the choice of the right disc

For the front cultivation discs, two disc options are available with a choice of rough serrated or fine serrated discs. The rough serrated disc is ideally suited to deeper seedbed preparation. Due to its profile, an especially aggressive incorporation, including the mulching of harvest residues, is achieved. On the other hand, the fine serrated disc shows its strength rather in the shallow seedbed preparation. It provides more fine soil for an optimum seed embedment.

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Perfect bearing sealing

The combination of felt ring and extremely high quality face seals perfectly protect the 2-row angular contact ball bearing races. So, with one oil fill as lifelong lubrication, grease nipples are avoided. Thus, the maintenance time of the compact disc harrow element is substantially reduced. Face seals have been used in the construction industry for decades for sealing rollers and the running gear of track-laying vehicles and they are proven to work reliably under the hardest of operational conditions. (1) Face seal built in conical seats (2) 2-row angular contact ball bearing (3) 2 x O-rings (4) 2 x cast rings with face seal (5) SAE 90 gear oil filled (40 cm³)

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Rubber suspension elements – reliable and maintenance-free

The disc system combines two discs mounted on one arm which is suspended via sprung rubber blocks and which optimally follows the ground contours. In addition, the rubber sprung buffers act as an overload safety device on stony soils. In this way, a safe, maintenance-free operation of the compact disc harrow system is ensured - and at a constant, even working depth.   

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Solo drilling at high work rates

As a particularly high work rate option, the Cirrus is available also without the cultivation discs. With all the technical benefits of the basic seed drill, the Cirrus without disc segment is a cost-effective alternative for solo sowing but still maintains the pre-drilling reconsolidation. In this specification as well, the optional Crushboard can be added.

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T-Pack U

The front T-Pack U intermediate axle packer rolls the area in the centre of the cultivation disc segment. In this way, the soil in front of the machine is again additionally reconsolidated which is of benefit on light soils. The passively-steered T-Pack U can be utilised as an intermediate axle packer in the rear of the tractor or also, in solo operation, as a front packer.

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T-Pack S packer

With the T-Pack S side packer, when using the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C under light to medium conditions or following the plough, the soil can be pre-rolled ahead of the disc segment, providing additional reconsolidation.

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T-Pack IN packer

The pre-running packer concept on the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C can be supplemented by the T-Pack IN. This is mounted in the centre of the machine underneath the drawbar and in this way presses the area between the tractor wheels.

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Furrow former

With the aid of the furrow former, the seed furrow is kept cleared out ensuring an optimum soil contact for the seed. Due to its flexible mounting, the furrow former rids itself of earth and trapped harvest residues. The hard metal coating of the furrow former also ensures a long service life.

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Tractor wheel mark eradicators

When operating on compaction sensitive soils, and at a reduced working depth, the optional tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tractor tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be set horizontally and vertically. The Special kinematics of the eradicator provides a constant spring force across the entire area of deflection. The wedge shares safely loosen yet, however, do not bring stones to the surface.

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