Metering | Conveying system


Reliable metering drive

The metering system is suitable for all seeds and sowing rates from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha. Over-sized metering cassettes produce a low peripheral speed protecting the seed from damage. Conversion from fine seeds to normal seeds is done in seconds by exchanging the metering cassettes. They can even be changed when the seed hopper is full. The Cirrus is supplied as standard with three metering cassettes that are suitable for up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

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Segmented distributor head

The segmented distributor head provides huge flexibility for the pneumatic seed drill. With immediate effect, asymmetrical tramlines can be carried out without an undesirable seed rate reduction on the other half of the machine. The segmented distributor head provides electric half-side shut-off and Section Control. The half-side control is located directly inside the distributor head. The benefits: + Electric half-side shut-off + Reduction in overlap saves seed + Minimising dust creation inside the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted  

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Speed signal

For the regulation and drive of the metering unit, the forward speed of the Cirrus can be registered via a radar sensor or via a GPS sensor signal. As an alternative, the tractor speed can also serve as a speed source via a signal cable.    

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Cirrus-CC with twin-chamber hopper and double-shoot second conveying system

With the Cirrus-CC, AMAZONE is providing an additional  Cirrus model with a conveying system concept that allows  for the delivery of two different materials. The Cirrus-CC, as  well as the Cirrus-C, has a twin-chamber hopper with 4,000 l  hopper capacity and two independently operated, electrically-driven metering units. In addition to the level of equipment on the Cirrus-C, the Cirrus-CC has a separate metering  unit and a FerTeC single disc coulter. Due to the additional  FerTeC single disc counter, which is located in front of the  tyre packer, the Cirrus-CC can sow two materials at different  seed rates at the same time. This means that any possible  sowing combination is possible from simple sowing, to  double-shoot, to a combination of double-shoot and single-shoot with simultaneous single-shoot. The Cirrus-CC  concept sets completely new standards in sowing technology

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Cirrus-CC- Stay flexible with maximum comfort!

The different combination options of the conveying system  on the Cirrus-CC results in a multitude of arable farming  options for the user. Separate placement makes it possible,  for example, to bring out much larger amounts of fertiliser  when sowing. Another interesting option is the combination  of fertiliser delivery using the single-shoot and double-shoot  method. It is possible, for example, to sow small amounts  of fertiliser directly with the seed, which has a very strong  impact on early development. In order to prevent damage  due to acid burns, the remainder of the fertiliser can then  be placed next to and below the seed row by an additional  coulter. If required, it is also possible to use the add-on GreenDrill 501  to meter and distribute a third crop.

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