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Cirrus – the models

+ With 3,000 l seed hopper – so very quick and manoeuvrable Cirrus 3003 Compact (rigid), 3.0 m working width Cirrus 3503 Compact (rigid) 3.43 m/3.5 m working width + With 3,600 l seed hopper – for more output Cirrus 4003 (rigid), 4.0 m working width Cirrus 4003-2 (folding), 4.0 m working width Cirrus 6003-2 (folding), 6.0 m working width + With 4,000 l twin outlet pressurised hopper – for seed and fertiliser Cirrus 4003-C (rigid), 4.0 m working width Cirrus 4003-2C (folding), 4.0 m working width Cirrus 6003-2C (folding), 6.0 m working width

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Working widths of 3.43 and 3.5 m

This seed drill, with a working width of 3.5 m, has been developed for countries or regions where a transport width of 3.5 m on the road is permissible. Of course, this machine also is a very interesting alternative for farms in a ring because this trailed sowing combination matches very well with 21 m and 28 m tramline systems. In addition, a working width of 3.43 m is available, so that, for example, a 7-bout tramline rhythm for 24 m can be achieved.

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Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2, the 4 m trailed sowing combinations – for higher workrates

The trailed Cirrus sowing combination, with a working width of 4 m, is available in both a rigid or a folding version. The folding version folds for road transport down to a transport width of 3 m. These 4 m versions are particularly suitable for medium sized farms that require a large seed capacity and thus high work rates, and who already have on the farm as standard, tractors with a power rating of between 170 and 200 HP. This size of tractor is optimally suited for the Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2.   

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Cirrus-C for seed and fertiliser

In addition to the single-tip, open hopper version of the Cirrus, the Cirrus-C version is available with a divided, twin-tip pressurised hopper. The sealed twin outlet pressurised hopper ensures accurate metering yet at a low power requirement of the blower fan. The twin outlet pressurised hopper is divided in a ratio of 60 : 40. The Single-Shoot system of seed and fertiliser or seed only can be applied via the coulters according to the application or need. Thanks to the two metering units, which can also be individually calibrated with two different materials, the highest accuracy of application without any demixing effects is achieved. With the twin hopper, safe filling of the hopper is ensured by the fold-down platform.

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Comfortable filling

Steps ease climbing up and the safe loading platform with railing eases access to the seed hopper. The tank can be simply filled from small bags, big bags, via a filling auger on a trailer or a loading shovel. The simple to handle folding lid ensures the airtight closing of the hopper.   

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Quick emptying

The emptying of the seed and fertiliser tanks is done quickly and easily via the optionally available quick emptying device which is attached to the tank well accessible. As an extension, HT- or drainage pipes can be fitted.

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LED work lights

On the Cirrus the optional LED work lights light up the working area and thus provide a clear view of the working environment to ensure the safe operation, even in the evening and during the night. Also the area around the sowing coulters is excellently lit. The work lights are controlled via the operator terminal.

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