Plough bodies | Soil engaging metal


STU 40 slatted mould board

Universally-usable body for light to heavy, but above all, sticky soils. Due to the wide furrow clearance, crop residues are superbly incorporated. The slats can be exchanged individually to reduce the wearing costs. Working depths of 18 to 40 cm.

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Plough body U 40

Universal body for light to medium heavy, easy-turning soils. Especially wide furrow clearance and thus good incorporation of crop residues. Very easily pulling with good crumbling. Working depths of 18 to 40 cm.

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Plough body W 35

Scrolled body, suited for medium-heavy loam and clay soils. Easy pulling with a simultaneous good furrow clearance and good soil inversion. Working depths of 15 to 30 cm.

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Plough body S 35

Heavily-scrolled, helical body for heavy marshland and polder soils. Intensive inversion of the soil furrow. Especially good furrow clearance and cleaning properties. Working depth of 15 to 30 cm.

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The point

Intelligent and patented The thought-through wing including the plough point is of decisive importance for all Cayron plough bodies. The wing is designed in such a way that the plough point covers the wing. In addition, the HD-version is also available which ensures a yet longer service life.

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C-Blade – the special plough body

(1) One of the characteristics of the C-Blade generation body, seen here, for example, with the U 40 universal mouldboard, is the front shin which has been substantially enlarged. With increasing ploughing speeds, the wear point is shifted towards the mouldboard and this new shin design in front of the mouldboard entirely covers the wear area reducing the running costs. (2) In addition, one other detail has made a huge effect: The wing is designed in such a way that the point covers the wing. The welded seam is located safely under the point, thus preventing objects, such as, for example, baler twine from becoming trapped in the welded seams between the wing and the point. The point, the wing and landsice are identical for all body profiles.  

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M1 skimmers

Classic maize skimmer for the clean incorporation of crop residues into the furrow bottom. Fitted on a flat stem with, from choice, two different fixing points to the plough body for the best possible clearance and blockage prevention. As standard, tool-less depth setting via a series of holes.

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Trash boards

For skimming off and inverting the front edge of the furrow wall into the furrow bottom and thus incorporating any surface crop residues. Weight-saving and economic alternative to the skimmer for light and medium soil conditions.

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Sword landsides

In stony conditions, this is a robust alternative to the coulter disc and also saves weight and cost. Due to the consistent cutting of the soil furrow, the sword landside reduces the pulling power requirement and the wear on the front part of the mouldboard resulting in a more even quality of work.

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X-Blade - Furrow clearer for wide tyres

As an additional option for the U 40 body, the X-blade is available for the rear plough body. On easily- inverted soils, this mouldboard extension provides, for wide tyres, up to a 30 % larger furrow clearance. The X-blade is easy to remove and can also be retrofitted.

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Disc coulter

Provides a clean furrow edge. Serrated, or also smooth, 500 mm diameter coulter discs with taper roller bearing. From choice, two carrier arms in different lengths for the optimum positioning to the plough body and skimmer. The short carrier positions the disc to the side of the skimmer and thus provides a clean last furrow. With the long carrier, the coulter disc runs in front of the skimmer and thus provides the optimum clearance and thus reduces the danger of blockage.

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Combi depth wheel

The combi depth wheel can be used, both for depth guidance of the plough and for transport. The particularly easy conversion between work and transport position increases the comfort. The standardly provided damping cylinder does not need to be unhooked. The attachment of the wheel at the side of the beam eases ploughing operation at field sides and against other borders. Especially end user-friendly is the tool-less working depth adjustment against two stops. The combi depth wheel is equipped with a 340/55-16 tyre (∅ 770 x 340 mm width).

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