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Variable furrow width

All Cayron ploughs feature an adjustable furrow width. For the Cayron 200, this is achieved mechanically in 3 steps (40-45-50 cm per body) by swivelling the frame and then matching both the plough body and wheel position; the skimmers and the disc coulter are automatically matched. The Cayron V models feature a stepless, hydraulic furrow width adjustment from 30 to 55 cm per body. The large and clearly visible scale on the headstock shows the relevant adjusted furrow width. During the adjustment procedure, the front furrow width is automatically matched via the linkage system to ensure a continuous, optimum quality of work.

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Clever linkage system

The parallelogram linkage system is a central component on the plough and connects the plough beam with the turnover mechanism. The clever design of this linkage System is decisive for the exact and comfortable setting possibility, the low pulling power requirement and an always optimum ploughing performance. Easy setting of the plough The standard hydraulic front furrow adjustment (2) makes the beam setting simple and comfortable. Due to this design, the parallel shift of the plough requires very low power and thus is possible on the move without any problem. The pullline is factory set and usually does not require any readjustment. + Very useful when frequently changing tractors or in sloping terrain + Adjustable display of the front furrow width adjustment Optimum quality of work For the Cayron V, with hydraulic furrow width adjustment, the front furrow width is automatically and hydraulically matched when changing the furrow width. Here the plough is shifted in parallel via the linkage system. This is made possible by an oil exchange between the furrow width and front furrow cylinders. + Always an optimum ploughing performance with minimal wear and pulling power requirement 1 = Turnover cylinder 2 = Front furrow cylinder 3 = Furrow width cylinder

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