Furrow width adjustment | Stone protection

Hydraulic carriage guide adjustment

The front furrow width can, as an option, be adapted directly from the tractor seat using double-action hydraulic cylinders. This is a very practical solution when working on slopes, in heavily changing soils or with repeated tractor changes.

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Logical plough adjustment

The basis for perfect plough adjustment is an adjustment system that is logical and easy to understand. The correct plough adjustment quite simply means that operating costs will be reduced, as perfect adjustment has a very positive effect on wear and tear as well as fuel consumption. The tried and tested linkage design of the Cayros ploughs is particularly well-suited for this purpose. Any plough adjustment can be divided into 3 steps: (1) Front furrow width (matching to the inner wheel track dimensions) via the carriage guide (2) Draft point adjustment, stepless adjustment via spindle (3) Tilt adjustment, individual adjustment of right/left via a turn screw

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Simple turning using memory cylinder

To increase ground clearance when the plough is turning and make the turning smoother, all ploughs can be equipped with an inswing mechanism. This automatically swings the plough frame towards the centre of the tractor before the turning starts, and back into its original working position once the plough has finished turning. This shift in the centre of gravity also means that there is less strain on the tractor’s rear lift linkage and reduces the risk of tipping while working on hilly terrain. In Cayros V ploughs, the swing-in cylinder is a pure memory cylinder with a floating piston for adjusting the working widths.

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Cayros V – comfortable hydraulic operation

The furrow width can be steplessly adjusted from the tractor seat via the hydraulic system. The furrow width setting can be monitored at a glance via a large, easy-to-read scale. Of course, the Vario system is skilfully designed so that the draft point and the furrow width of the first body are automatically corrected at the same time. All the soil-engaging metal and the depth wheel are also automatically adjusted. The mounting points for the plough body and other accessories are positioned to the side of the beam box section, so as not to weaken the beam with large holes. This side mounting also enlarges the through passage for material above the plough body.

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Cayros V: the advantages

Suitable for all methods of overload protection + Suitable on V-ploughs for ground conditions and tractor sizes Simple settings, essentially the same as on the basic ploughs, perfect matching of the draft point and front furrow by the adjustment of the furrow width + No need to readjust the draft point, front furrow or other soil-engaging parts, reduced wear and pulling power requirement Minimises wear on the pivot points + Minimal wear and maintenance demands Every pivot point is fitted with CONNEX bushings, when worn just the bushes are changed + Longer service life, lower replacement costs Pivot points for the leg carriers mounted to the side of the beam box section + No weakening of the main beam through any additional bolt holes Optimal pressure on the landsides/pivot point/link rods – reduced adjustment force/bearing load + Reduced wear, longer lifespan of the pivot points Bearing pins are lubricated from inside – no dirt gets into the bearing points + Minimal wear and tear and less maintenance demands Main bearing pins fitted with a castellated nut and a strong fixing against any rotation + Long service life of the bearings

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Mechanical stone safety release

Pitching the hardness of steel against that of stone - The Cayros has a choice of three stone safety release systems to overcome this issue. Due to the ingenious idea of mounting all components outside on the plough frame, you can choose between three different stone safety release systems for your Cayros. Shearbolts are the tried and tested standard solution for this system. When stressed, the shearbolts fracture at the break points and the plough body swings up and out of the way of the obstacle. The plough is then simply lifted, new shearbolts are inserted and ploughing can be continued. The advantages: + Double shearing, hardened flange plates + High-quality shearbolts in 10.9 quality and with a special design + The pivot point of the leg is very high and located towards the front – the plough does not lift when it is triggered

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Semi automatic stone safety release

In this system, the plough body swings out of the way by overcoming the strong pressure exerted by two coil springs. Of course, this solution is extremely practical because the plough body is immediately brought into realignment by lifting it out or briefly reversing the tractor. This System is, on the Cayros M, an alternative to using either shearbolts or NonStop protection systems when the ground is not excessively stony. Advantages: + Low additional weight over and above a shearbolt protection systems + Adjustable release force

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Fully automatic hydraulic stone safety release

Instead of springs, the hydraulic solution uses a hydraulic cylinder which is connected to a nitrogen-filled piston accumulator. The hydraulic pressure can be smoothly adjusted, which consistently guarantees optimum ploughing with the greatest possible ease. When triggered, the plough body pushes a piston into the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle. This is the High-Tech fully-automatic solution. Advantages: + Simple uncomplicated design + Practical release characteristics + Interchangeable ball joints + As standard with shear bolt + Smooth action which protects the materials through gentle lifting and pull-in + Simple adaptation of the trigger force for different soil conditions + Increased lift height for even better safety over large obstacles The hydraulic stone safety release is available in 2 versions: Compact accumulator (picture 1): In this version, the piston accumulator is combined directly with the hydraulic cylinder to form a compact unit. Additional Advantages: + The elements function completely independently of one another (no influence on trigger force) + Elements can be precompressed independently (e.g. first furrow) + No hydraulic hoses or pipes on the plough frame Compact accumulator with hoses (picture 2): By connecting the individual elements and one stop valve for each, all of the advantages of the compact accumulator can optionally be utilised. By opening the valve, the following further advantages can also be used: Additional advantages: + Adjustment of the trigger force for all elements in one single movement (even whilst driving) + Similar pipe cross sections mean that the elements have only a slight influence on one another

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