'We achieve such a high sowing output'


’100 to 120 ha per shift, more than 2,500 ha per season – is no problem with our new Citan 12001-C’ W. M. Nadeew reports. W. M. Nadeew is the Deputy General Director of the Russian farm OOO ‘Schazk Zolotaja Niva’, belonging to the Agroterra-Group. Here a semi-continental climate prevails and the average rainfall amounts to 450 to 500 mm per year. Last year the farm cultivated 10,162 ha of winter wheat, 8,169 ha of sunflowers and 7,945 ha of spring rape. ‘Compared with other seed drills, the Citan, which we either operate behind a New Holland T 7050 or a John Deere 7830, provides us with a series of benefits’ explains the Deputy General Director. ‘We achieve high sowing work rates because of the 12 m working width and, with forward speeds of more than 12 km/h, it ensures a rapid sowing operation. However, we also achieve higher work rates thanks to the larger seed and fertiliser hoppers which we do not have to fill that often. In addition we require less filling systems to supply the seed and fertiliser.’ W. N. Makarov, the chief agronomist of OOO ‘Schazk Zolotaja Niva’, states as an other benefit of the Citan the easy initial adjustment of the seed rate and the sowing depth. And: ‘Irrespective of the soil type, the actual seed rates and sowing depths match very well to what we have pre-set. In this way we can finish sowing punctually by the optimum dates yet with a high quality of work. This ensures our yields and makes the Citan stand out in comparison with other seed drills.’

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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