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» FlowCheck

Permanent monitoring of the outlet openings for blockages and empty running – ensures uniform application on both sides.


» AutoTS border spreading system

The AutoTS disc-integrated border spreading system can be used for comfortable activation of the various border spreading procedures from the tractor cab, using the terminal. AutoTS ensures the user significantly higher yields in the border area in comparison with existing border spreading procedures.


» Profis weighing technology

Precise monitoring and control of the application rate using the 200 Hz weighing technology and the tilt sensor. No calibration. Just enter the spread rate and drive off with perfect monitoring of the tank level at all times.

1) Horizontally aligned tie bars
2) Weighing frames 
3) Weighing cells


» DynamicSpread dynamic part-width section control

The automatic part-width section control, with up to 128 part-width sections in the form of a kidney-shaped pattern, guarantees precise switching on wedge shaped fields and at the headland. Outer part-width sections can also be controlled. More...

» HeadlandControl

HeadlandControl for the mounted spreader ZA-TS

Offers optimum lateral distribution at the headland. The spreader disperses fertiliser beyond the normal working width inside of the field at the headland. The spreader can switch earlier when it arrives
at the headland. The tractor can follow the tracks of the sprayer with optimum lateral distribution. The result: Crops across the headland are more uniform. More...

AMAZONE Precision TODAY: Mounted spreader ZA-TS

» ArgusTwin

Permanent monitoring and optimisation of the lateral distribution for each spreading disc via a total of 14 radar sensors. The effect of fluctuating fertiliser properties is automatically compensated for and a spread pattern with exact lateral distribution is created. More...

AMAZONE WindControl

According to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild of the University of Applied Sciences, Dresden, WindControl enables the influence of the wind on the spread pattern to be constantly monitored, and automatically compensated for, using wind sensor. This means that an optimum spread pattern can be created, even in challenging wind conditions. More...

ZA-TS mounted spreader

The TS spreader has the new AutoTS integrated, electro-mechanically operated border spreading system: to switch from normal to border spreading, different spreading vanes are activated on the spreading disc. This results in excellent border spread patterns - without changing discs - remotely from the tractor seat - while driving - without stopping.

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