» Primera DMC - the world of precision


» Flexible pressurised tank system for Direct, Mulch and Conventional sowing

Thanks to the pressurised tank, which is divided into four parts with a total of 13,000 l capacity, the Primera DMC in 9 m and 12 m working widths enables versatile, high-precision sowing. This enables the dispensation of fertiliser to optimally support plants in their early development, as well as various seed types for undersowing in a single-shoot process. More...


» Accurate metering

Electric metering and a large selection of metering rollers provide versatile and precise sowing. The seed rate can be comfortably adjusted from the tractor seat via the ISOBUS terminal. More...


» The AMAZONE chisel opener® – tried and tested 100,000 times over!

The chisel openers are individually suspended on parallelogram linkages for optimal, high-precision seed placement. This enables extremely even field emergence at speeds up to 18 km/h. The narrow chisel opener opens the seed furrow with very little soil movement, while generating fine soil.

Hoop rings with reflex discs ensure excellent depth control and seed coverage during direct and mulch sowing. More...

1. Chisel opener
2. Hoop ring roller


» 4-stagger coulter unit

The chisel opener units are arranged on longitudinal cross members in four rows, which results in a large distance from one to the other and ensures good straw passage.


» Also compatible with the FDC 6000 Liquid Fertiliser Cart

The FDC Fertiliser Delivery Cart can be used in combination with the Primera DMC seed drill, especially in arid farming locations. More...


The GPS-Track parallel guidance aid makes orientation in the field much easier, particularly on grassland or in areas without tramline tracks.
The virtual light bar in the status bar
ISOBUS tramline control
Various track modes such as A-B Line or contour travel
Supplied as standard for AmaPad 2
Optional for AmaTron 4


All standard ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE can collect and save machine and site-specific data using Task Controller. Part-area, site-specific operation via the application maps in a shape and ISO-XML format is also possible.
Easy creation, loading and processing of jobs
Documentation and export of the work done in ISO-XML format
Display of inactive field boundaries
Automatic field recognition
Job summary via PDF export
Intuitive system for processing application...


With GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control, AMAZONE can offer GPS-based, fully automatic part-width section control for all AMAZONE operator terminals and ISOBUS-compatible fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills.

GPS-Switch basic
Automatic part-width section control of up to 16 part-width sections
Optional for AmaTron 4

GPS-Switch pro
Automatic part-width section control of up to 128 part-width sections
Creation of virtual...

Primera DMC 12001-2C large area seed drill

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