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Find out more about the new CatrosXL compact disc harrows, the new straw harrow and knife roller pre-working tools and the GreenDrill 501 catch crop seeder box here.

CatrosXL from 4 m to 8 m

New compact disc harrow for covering large areas and the incorporation of large amounts of organic matter

CatrosXL 8003-2TX mit Mittelfahrwerk und GreenDrill 501
CatrosXL 8003-2TX with centre running gear and GreenDrill 501

AMAZONE continues to write the success story of the CatrosXL compact disc harrow and is now supplementing its portfolio by offering machines having working widths from 4 to 8 m. The CatrosXL 4003-2, 5003-2 and 6003-2 will therefore be available as a folding mounted model having working widths of 4, 5 and 6 m. These models are also available in a towed TS version equipped with a drawbar and bogey chassis and can therefore also be used by smaller tractors. In addition, the CatrosXL with TX centre running gear is available as the 7003-2TX and 8003-2TX model having working widths of 7 and 8 m.

Universal attachment

CatrosXL 6003-2TS mit Schwenkfahrwerk und vorlaufender Messerwalze
CatrosXL 6003-2TS with a bogey chassis and leading knife roller

For the CatrosXL 4003-2 to 6003-2 3-point linkage mounted models, attachment categories of 3N, 3 and 4N are available. The CatrosXL 4003-2TS to 6003-2TS trailed models are equipped with a bogey chassis and drawbar and can be pulled with a Category 3–5 lower link cross shaft, a K80 ball coupling or various drawbar eyes, depending on the tractor. These attachment options for the trailed TS variant are also available for the two CatrosXL 7003-2TX and CatrosXL 8003-2TX models. For a high degree of customer flexibility with varying tractors, the different attachment options can be quickly replaced via the connecting flange if required. When working with the various different categories of lower link attachment, the drawbar cross shaft remains on the machine since only the pins need to be changed.

Perfect working quality even in areas containing a lot of organic matter

Neu entwickelter Scheibenarm mit starker Gummi-Überlastsicherung an der Catros xl 6003-2TS
Newly developed disc arm with a strengthened rubber overload safety device on the CatrosXL 6003-2TS

Due to the large 610 mm discs and the greater distances between the first and second row of discs and between the second row of discs and the roller, the CatrosXL excels, above all, by its high level of passage. Whether in maize stubble or when working in catch crops: The CatrosXL models having a working width of up to 8 m, combined with a high travel speed of up to 18 km/h, which are currently being introduced are a byword for maximum surface area coverage with perfect quality results and minimal fuel consumption. In addition to the coarse-serrated 610 mm discs for dry and heavy ground, customers can also choose the fine-serrated 610 mm option. This ensures a full-surface cut and maximum crumbling effect during seedbed preparation, even in cases of extremely shallow working depths.

The discs, which are individually suspended on sprung rubber mountings, ensure perfect soil contour following. The rubber elements have a special profile, with a high release force, so that the large discs maintain their working depth even under the toughest of conditions. The specially-shaped cast disc arm on the CatrosXL has been redesigned to meet the increased demands and guides the disc at a consistent depth through the soil under all conditions.

In order to further improve the contour following at the larger working widths with the Catros 7003-2TX and Catros 8003-2TX, these machines can be optionally equipped with the ContourFrame, which is unique on the market. The two wings of the disc harrow unit are hydraulically preloaded and can therefore adjust upwards and downwards to compensate for any unevenness in the ground.

With the proven disc spacing of 25 cm within a row of discs, even a large amount of crop residues can pass through the machine without any problems. The tine spacing of 12.5 cm also ensures a complete working of the entire oil surface. The special angle of attack of the front row of discs at 17° and the rear row of discs at 14° to the direction of travel ensure safe, straight running behind the tractor, as well as an ideal mixing of harvest residues with the lowest tractive power requirement. In addition, this ensures a fast soil penetration even under the toughest of conditions. The disc bearings, with maintenance-free face seal and lifetime lubrication, are well-known across the complete Catros product range and have proven themselves a million times over. They are larger in diameter to meet the increasing demands of covering bigger areas than in the case of the 100 mm smaller diameter discs on the Catros+ models.

CatrosXL 610 mm (fein gezackt)
CatrosXL 610 mm (fine serrated)
CatrosXl 610 mm (grob gezackt)
CatrosXL 610 mm (coarse serrated)

Adjustment of the working depth

Gut lesbare Skala bei der Ausstattung mit hydraulischer Arbeitstiefeneinstellung
Easy-to-read scale when equipped with hydraulic working depth adjustment

The working depth adjustment of the disc element is carried out by rotating the disc arms around the rectangular tube carrier. A connection between the two rows of discs in the machine ensures that both rows always work at the same depth. By using this type of adjustment, the entire machine always stays parallel to the ground, whereby both rows of discs always work at the same depth, even in instances where the working depth is changed, thereby preventing the machine from being slanted as a result of a change in working depth. Furthermore, as the working depth increases, the clearance between the disc element and the roller increases, so that sufficient clearance is available in front of the roller, even at increased working depths and with the movement of more soil. This enables the earth in front of the roller to settle again.

Adjustment of the working depth is infinitely variable and can be carried out mechanically using adjustable spindles on the machine or hydraulically from the cab during operation for maximum comfort. All pivot points on the disc element are maintenance-free. The height of the side discs of the machines can be adjusted separately. This enables a level working profile even when driving track-to-track.

Running gear for transport - TS or TX

CatrosXL 8003-2TX während der Straßenfahrt
CatrosXL 8003-2TX being driven on the road

The folding CatrosXL 4003-2, 5003-2 and 6003-2 models in working widths of 4 m, 5m and 6 m can be carried on the 3-point linkage or specified in the trailed TS variant with bogey chassis and drawbar. The CatrosXL-2TS is characterised by a high degree of smoothness in work because the running gear can be completely swivelled up over the frame. In addition, the weight of the running gear ensures uniform penetration of the discs into the soil, even under the toughest of conditions. As standard,models with TS running gear have an anti-vibration function, which can be activated under certain conditions, to ensure the smooth running of CatrosXL-2TS. When manoeuvring, the machine can be driven on the roller, in order to achieve quick turn-round times and high surface area coverage.

The 7 and 8 m wide CatrosXL 7003-TX and CatrosXL 8003-2TX models have an integrated centre running gear i. Thanks to the optimum distribution of weight, the machines can be transported safely on the road. At the same time, the position of the running gear offers maximum driving comfort due to the high manoeuvrability on the headland. The running gear can be equipped with oversized 700 mm tyres, so that the ground pressure during manoeuvring is minimised and the self-driving effect of the wheels is guaranteed, even in very sandy or wet locations.

Optimum reconsolidation for all soils

11 different rollers are available for the new CatrosXL, which means that AMAZONE can offer the ideal roller both for reconsolidating the soil and for depth control of the machine, depending on the type of soil and soil conditions. For light land locations, for example, a U-profile roll or double-U profile roll is available. On medium to variable soils, the wedge ring roller or wedge ring roller with matrix tyre profile is the ideal solution. Although water is retained in the soil owing to the strip-wise reconsolidation, water can still seep into the loose strips during high rainfall, and the risk of erosion or soil capping is minimised. AMAZONE offers a solution for heavy ground and clay soils with the disc roller or double disc roller. These combine a high crumbling effect, good self-driving effect and load-bearing capacity with high insensitivity to stones. Especially for a second stubble cultivation or for seedbed preparation, trailing tine harrows are also available for many rollers.

AMAZONE Catros+ 3003 Special with a straw harrow, crushboard and wheel mark eradicator

New pre-working tools

The framework conditions for good crop management practices is constantly changing as a result of the increase in the frequency of extreme weather events and stricter regulation of the use of plant protection agents. In order for crops to have the ideal start and growing conditions in their early development, better field hygiene will continue to gain in importance. This is the reason why AMAZONE is introducing the straw harrow and knife roller as new pre-working tools for the AMAZONE Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 03 compact disc harrows. This optional special equipment optimises crushing and improves the distribution of crop residues, thereby accelerating the decomposition process. The disease pressure caused by harmful biotic factors for the following crop and the need for pesticides can be greatly reduced as a result.

Other special equipment includes a TransportBox, a worked area meter in the support wheel and the new AMAZONE GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box. This can be mounted on all trailed CatrosXL units and enables stubble cultivation and catch crop seeding in a single pass. If tank capacities of more than 500 l are also required for larger areas, all trailed CatrosXL models can be equipped with a conveyor section for seeds which places the seed in front of the roller. In combination with the XTender rear tank or the FTender front tank, high outputs can then be achieved with minimum downimes.

Together with the already familiar Crushboard and wheel mark eradicators, customers now have a variety of optional equipment available to them depending on the existing machine in order to make Catros suitable for seedbed preparation, as well as the shredding and distribution of organic matter.

Crushboard an der CatrosXL 3003 Special
Crushboard on the Catros+ 3003 Special
Spurlockerer an der Catros+ 3003 Special
Wheel mark eradicator on the Catros+ 3003 Special

Straw harrow & knife roller

CatrosXL 6003-2TS mit neuer vorlaufender Messerwalze im Einsatz
CatrosXL 6003-2TS with new leading knife roller in action

The framework conditions for good crop management practices is constantly changing as a result of the increase in the frequency of extreme weather events and stricter regulation of the use of plant protection agents. In order for crops to have the ideal start and growing conditions in their early development, better field hygiene will continue to gain in importance. This is the reason why AMAZONE is introducing the straw harrow and knife roller as new pre-working tools for the AMAZONE Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 03 compact disc harrows. This optional special equipment optimises crushing and improves the distribution of crop residues, thereby accelerating the decomposition process. The disease pressure caused by harmful biotic factors for the following crop and the need for pesticides can be greatly reduced as a result.

Straw harrow 

The straw harrow is available in conjunction with a mounting frame for the 3-point linkage mounted models of the Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 03 ranges. The CatrosXL-2TS and CatrosXL-2TX can now also be equipped with this additional tool.

The harrow tines have a material thickness of 12 mm and overload safety protection provided by the integrated coil springs. The height of the complete harrow can be adjusted either mechanically via easy-to-reach cranks or hydraulically during operation. A scale that is easy to read from the cab informs the driver of the set working depth. In addition, the angle of attack can be adjusted in the direction of travel from standing vertically to a strongly trailing position in order to adjust the intensity of the harrow to different crop residue quantities. The straw harrow allows the customer subsequently to improve the straw distribution during the first stubble cultivation. In this way, pockets of straw in the soil profile are reduced and better germination conditions are achieved and, as a result, a better early development of the following crop is achieved.

Neuer vorlaufender Strohstriegel an der Catros auf Seite 7
New leading straw harrow on the CatrosXL 6003-2TS

Mechanische Einstellung des Strohstriegels
Mechanical adjustment of the straw harrow

Knife roller for Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 

For the up-front shredding of any surface organic matter, AMAZONE is presenting a knife roller that runs in front of the disc element for Catros compact disc harrows. This roller can be mounted on all mounted and trailed Catros 03, Catros+ 03 and CatrosXL 03 models and is therefore available for compact disc harrows having a working width from 2.5 m to 9 m.

The knife roller has a diameter of 330 mm. The permanently oil-lubricated bearings with face seal are maintenance-free. Depending on the working width of the machine, the knife roller is divided into smaller segments with possible widths of 1 m, 1.5 m or 2 m. During work, the roller is swung into the working position from the cab and is tensioned hydraulically. The division into the various different segments and the pressure exerted hydraulically, means that the roller can follow the ground contours perfectly, even in uneven terrain, and can safely knock down any harvest residues across the entire working width. If this additional effect is not required in front of the disc element, the roller is hydraulically swivelled upwards and completely deactivated as a result.

For a better shredding quality and the avoidance of lateral forces, the 6 knives are mounted in a V-formation on the shaft. In order to minimise the cost of wearing parts, reversible knives made of tempered drill steel are installed on the knife rollers, which can be turned in case of wear. 
The high material thickness of 8 mm also contributes to lowering maintenance costs and therefore in reduced wear costs.

The knife roller in front of an AMAZONE compact disc harrow gives professional agri-businesses maximum flexibility in soil tillage. It gives these farms the option of carrying out an extremely shallow soil tillage with the simultaneous shredding of stubble, e.g. during the initial stubble cultivation after oilseed rape. The knife roller is also ideal for working in tall catch crops, maize stubbles or following sunflowers. In particular, long stubbles are cut transversely to the direction of travel and then incorporated with the subsequent disc element. In addition, the knife roller can be completely deactivated hydraulically, thereby reducing the tractive force requirement and fuel consumption again where the knife roll is no longer needed.

Neue Messerwalzen an der CatrosXL 6003-2TS
New knife roller on the CatrosXL 6003-2TS
Neue Messerwalze mit wartungsfreier Lagerung
New knife roller with maintenance-free bearings

AMAZONE CatrosXL 6003-2TS with knife roller and straw harrow

GreenDrill 501

CatrosXL 8003-2TX mit Universal-Aufbausämaschine GreenDrill 501
CatrosXL - GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box

New universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l tank capacity

The GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box with 500 l tank capacity, is suitable for the precise sowing of catch crops, fine seeds and nurse crops as well as the spreading of fertiliser in combination with the trailed AMAZONE soil tillage range or the Cirrus trailed drill combination.

Seed hopper 

The hopper of the GreenDrill 501 can hold 500 litres of seed. The hopper is made of plastic and can be accessed easily using steps and 
a platform. The GreenDrill has a hopper opening for rapid seed filling. The screw lock protects the seed against dust and moisture. The lid is attached to the hopper by a strap to prevent it from sliding away when it is open. The seed hopper has a fill level sensor that can be attached in two positions. The bottom section of the hopper contains a protective sieve in order to protect the hopper from foreign bodies.

Große Behälteröffnung für sichere Befüllung mit Bigbags
Large hopper opening for safe filling from big bags
Trittstufen zum Erreichen der Wartungsplattform, hier an der Cirrus 6003-2CC
Steps for accessing the maintenance platform, here on a Cirrus 6003-2CC

Accurate electrical metering

Cirrus 6003-2CC mit Universal-Aufbausämaschine GreenDrill 501
Cirrus 6003-2CC with GreenDrill 501 universal catch crop seeder box

The metering of the seed is carried out by an electrically-driven metering unit below the seed hopper. Different metering rollers are available for different seed types. These rollers can be interchanged quickly and easily. The electric drive facilitates easy setting of the seed rate using the terminal in the tractor cab. Alternatively, the electric drive can also be controlled fully automatically using application maps. It is furthermore possible to calibrate the system at the push of a button and to do pre-metering in field corners.

The machine can be calibrated either using the terminal, a calibration button or the mySeeder App on a smartphone.

Options for the blower fan drive 

If the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Cirrus trailed drill combination, no separate blower fan is required. The air flow from the hydraulic fan drive from the Cirrus is, in this case, used for seed delivery.

If the machine is mounted on a trailed soil tillage machine such as the Catros compact disc harrow, the GreenDrill 501 will have its own hydraulic blower fan to transport the seed from the metering unit via the distribution head to the sowing coulters or the baffle plates.

Einfacher Wechsel der Dosierwalze
Easy exchange of the metering rollers

GreenDrill 501 mit hydraulischem Gebläse an der CatrosXL 8003-2TX
GreenDrill 501 with a hydraulic blower fan on the CatrosXL 8003-2TX

New accurate distribution

The segmented distribution head, familiar from the AMAZONE seed drill technology is the basis for an accurate distribution of the seeds over the seed rows. This is available in different sizes and equipment levels, so that 16 to 48 outlets can be supplied, as required. This distributor head can also be used for tramline control.

The seed is transferred from the distribution head to the baffle plates, which ensure an optimal lateral distribution across the whole working width. Combination with the Cirrus facilitates under-sowing of nurse crops via baffle plates as well as the opportunity of an option for moving additional seed from the GreenDrill to the sowing coulter.

Segmentverteilerkopf zur exakten Verteilung des Saatgutes
Segmented distribution head for accurate distribution of the seed
Prallteller an der Cirrus 6003-2CC
Baffle plate on the Cirrus 6003-2CC

Machine control via ISOBUS

Voll integrierte Bedienung der GreenDrill 501 über das ISOBUS- Terminal AmaTron 4
Fully integrated operation of the GreenDrill 501 via the AmaTron4 ISOBUS terminal

Machine control of the GreenDrill 501 can be achieved in various different ways, depending on the machine onto which it is mounted. For example, if the GreenDrill 501 is mounted on a Cirrus, it is an “ISOBUS participant” and, as such, is fully integrated into the electronic system of the Cirrus. The GreenDrill is shown in the controls of the machine operating section of the terminal as a second or third seed hopper with metering unit. If the GreenDrill is mounted on a soil tillage unit, it gets its own ISOBUS job computer and can be operated either from the ISOBUS terminal on the tractor or, for example, the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal.

You will find further information about our reconsolidation roller range below.

AMAZONE CatrosXL 8003-2TX with GreenDrill 501