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1.4 Solutions in the area of soil protection and crop diversity

Examples from the AMAZONE Group

Soil protection, soil fertility

Agricultural production processes as part of integrated crop production:

Further development of the conservation soil tillage and the mulch and direct sowing process in a changed plant protection situation:

Cenius 3003 Special

  • Process chains with Catros compact disc harrows, Cenius mulch cultivators and Cirrus mulch seed drill combinations or Primera DMC direct seed drills
  • Water-conserving and weed-reducing strip till with Minimum TillDisc with Cirrus mulch seed drill combinations

Promoting year-round soil coverage:

Cirrus 6003-2CC

  • Cirrus-CC sowing combination with GreenDrill harrow-mounted seed drill for the simultaneous application of seed and undersown crops or catch crops in the triple-shoot process

Protective mechanisms against soil compaction:

  • Lightweight design with profiles e.g. for frames and booms of crop protection sprayers
  • Use of track guiding systems such as following equipment with trailed spreaders and sprayers

Crop diversity, crop rotation

  • As part of the 3C crop establishment concept, trials are being carried out globally on 850 ha with partner farms
  • Tests and research into precise row-specific land cultivation are being carried out at the AMAZONE test centre in Wambergen as part of the CRF arable farming project (Controlled Row Farming)
  • Undersown crops, binary seeding, seed mixtures

Mulch and direct sowing reduce emissions and erosion

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AMAZONEN-WERKE are specialists in fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive (disc cultivators and harrows) soil tillage, precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers. AMAZONE has also been offering high-performance equipment for park and lawn maintenance and winter road gritting for many years. You will find out everything else here in the image film!